Symposium on Computational Photography and Video

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

May 23 - 25, 2005

Marc Levoy (Stanford)
Frédo Durand (MIT)
Richard Szeliski (Microsoft Research)

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Research breakthroughs in 2D image analysis/synthesis, coupled with the growth of digital photography as a practical and artistic medium, are creating a convergence between vision, graphics, and photography. A similar trend is occurring with digital video. At the same time, new sensing modalities and faster CPUs have given rise to new computational imaging techniques in many scientific disciplines. Finally, just as CAD/CAM and visualization were the driving markets for computer graphics research in the 1970s and 1980s, and entertainment and gaming are the driving markets today, a driving market 10 years from now will be consumer digital photography and video. In light of these trends, the time is right to hold a symposium on computational photography and video. The area is old enough that we understand what the symposium is about, young enough that we can still argue about it, old enough that its practioners can fill an auditorium, and young enough that they still fit in one.


Some of the slides are available by clicking on the name of a talk in the schedule.

A mailing list has been created for discussions about computational photography and video.